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Hi There! Welcome to my happiness! I'm so glad your're here! My name is Larinda Jungjohann and I tend to photograph all my events as if I were photographing my own family. With LOVE, BEAUTY and as TIMELESS as possible. My favorite part of my job is that I get to make people happy and show them how beautiful their story is. I love to capture the laughter that goes into the picture, or the moment your child is doing something silly that tells their story on who they are. Most of all, I love to see all those happy tears that you shed on your wedding day when you think no one is looking. There is something about capturing moments and making them stand still to last forever.


If I don't have a camera in my hand, I'm spending time with my loving family. I have one AWESOME husband who is my ROCK, JOKESTER and biggest fan, his name is James Jungjohann. Then you have my two favorite boys in the whole world, Jade Jungjohann and Roman Jungjohann.  They definitely keep me going and I wouldn't change a thing.  I recently moved to California going on two years now but my roots will always belong to good old IOWA.  My journey to California has been nothing but AMAZING thus far and I’m so happy that God has taken me down this path.  I absolutely love to laugh and be silly, I love to dance, I watch lot's of girly movies and I try to be the bestest Mom and wifey that I can be... Including being a HUGE LA-Rams fan! My favorite quote is: "If you love the life you live, you will live a life of love".


If you have more questions for me, I'm an open book so please don't hesitate to ask. I love questions.


I'm so excited to have some fun and share these special moments with all of you. Hope to chat with you soon.

Tel: 319-241-1625

Email: larindamariephotography@gmail.com

Meet my Stylist Assistant...


Vanessa Norzagaray

I'm so honored and blessed to have met such a sweet, wonderful, creative, talented person. Vanessa and I met at Nordstrom as Product Stylists last year and have been friends ever since. Vanessa and I share a strong bond over our passion for the creative side of the world. We both see the beauty in everything and everyone and can't help but want to share it with all of


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Hi I am Vanessa! 


I am a Fashion Product Stylist and it has always been a dream of mine to pursue photography. As Larinda mentioned, we met about a year ago working as Product Stylists for Nordstrom. From the moment that I met her, I instantly knew she was not only beautiful on the outside but most importantly she was beautiful on the inside as well. She has such a big, kind, and caring heart. And, she not only wants herself to succeed, but it is important to her that others around her succeed too. She will never hesitate to lend a helping hand or to give her best advice. I had expressed to Larinda that I had a growing interest in photography. There is something magical about capturing a candid moment and being able to feel every emotion that was shared between two individuals or to bring an innate object to life and to personify it. I have always longed to have the opportunity and capability to create and capture these beauties in life. And, when Larinda approached me about being a part of Larinda Marie Photography you bet that I did not hesitate to jump on board! And, it has been the most fun, rewarding, educational, and creative venture of my life thus far!! I am truly blessed to be a part of this team and to have the opportunity to learn from such an amazingly talented woman. 


On my free time, I love to express myself through every and any creative channel. I love to dance, sing, draw, and transform clothing into a new and fresh piece. I love, love, love to laugh and make others smile. Family is very important to me and I love to share with them things that money cannot buy. "They say the best things in life are free."

We can't wait to meet you
xoxo V&L