Give me all the lemons

Hi There Friends!

Welcome to our first blogging moment. YUP, that's right. Vanessa and I have always wanted to sit down and share how we create beautiful settings for our homes, weddings, birthdays etc...

Recently, we were able to share an easy table setting with some friends. Honestly, you can probably use any fresh produce and make it look fancy. Now with saying that, some last longer than others. For instance, if you use strawberries (one of my favorites) vs lemons, oranges or apples, you will need to buy them more frequently if you want to keep your table looking fresh. It all depends on how long you want to have the look for. Vanessa and I like to switch our table decor often because well, we might be a little obsessed with styling. It's almost like we're children that get to play house all the time. Can any of you relate?

When Vanessa and I first came up with this idea. We had a bag of lemons and some candles that I've collected over the years. We knew there had to be some greenery too because what's a lemon without it's greens, right? Another source of nature that is always in our homes is, baby breath. Now talk about something that never dies, seriously! I first discovered this when I had extra baby breath from a maternity session I did a few months ago. It lasted forever and it looked as pretty as the day I bought it. You should try it! Baby breath is a very simple flower that can blend with any home decor so that's why we added it to this

fresh table setting idea!

Ok, big question?! Have you ever searched for the perfect napkin to put your silverware in? For this table setting all we had to do is look in our closets. We decided to use our old denim. YUP, we couldn't find what we wanted and the idea just popped in our heads. For these specific napkins, we used one of my old denim skirts. I might have cried when Vanessa made the first cut because she didn't let me say goodbye. I mean come on, I've been to many country concerts in that skirt. How's a girl supposed to feel? Geese! Just kidding, I was sad but happy I got these adorable napkin holders out of it. They're also a good conversation piece now. YAY! Now with that being said, having used denim on your table top might not be for everyone. You can always buy new denim and achieve the same look. To add a little more flare to the napkin, we decided to cut out the liner and fold them into the pockets. The best part about these homemade denim napkins is that they're all unique.

We would have never thought of using a denim napkin holder if it wasn't for our friends cactus picture. This picture pulled everything together. When decorating your table at home, get a fruit that will compliment your artwork. Or, you can be crazy like Vanessa and I and change everything according to your table. We've definitely done that a few times!

Now if you like to throw parties and that's why you need this fresh table top, definitely go the extra mile. Slice a few pieces of fruit and add some greens and baby breath to it. You will be blushing all night with the compliments you will be receiving on such a beautiful yet simple display.

Well, that's it folks! Thank You so much for taking the time to read our blog. We love styling and creating beautiful displays and hope to share more soon. Now go make yourself a fresh table top to enjoy with your family and friends. Don't forget to tag us so we can see your beautiful artwork! @larindamariephotography

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